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〜を [〜を] (wo-2)
    Meaning: area passed through (通過点)
    Example: I walked through the park.
    JLPT Level: 3
    Category: grammar
    Author: Amatuka

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ex #889   公園歩きました。 
I walked (through/in) the park.  
ex #4952   12歳のとき、私は泳いで渡ることができた。 
I could swim * across the river when I was twelve.  
ex #4954   この列車はニューヨークとボストン間走っている。 
This train runs * between New York and Boston.  
ex #4962   お忙しいところお出で頂きありがとうございます。 
Than you very much for coming despite the fact that. you were busy.  

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  • wo    (Don't confuse target を wo with area passed through を wo) [Amatuka]
  • wo-3    (Don't confuse target を wo with departure point を wo) [Miki]
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AmatukaThe three uses of を wo are
1. objective / target (目的)
2. area passed through (通過点)
3. departure point (出発点)
Amatukaを is used to mark a noun or noun phrase.

N = noun.
bamboo4を is a particle which is essentially acusative case. It also serves as connective of opposing thoughts,as shown in #4962. 
KWhazitIf you're used to seeing を as marking a direct object, and having it mark an area passed through seems strange, consider this: Even English does this occasionally to what grammatically ought to be direct objects, as in "travel the world" and "sail the seven seas". While you wouldn't normally say "I walked the park" (#889) in English, it's the same concept. 

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