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を聞いた [をきいた] (wokiita)
    Meaning: I heard
    Example: I heard from Tom you want to move
    JLPT Level: 3
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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ex #1152   あなたがフランスに行きたいということをトムから聞いた 
[LIT] You want to go to France (that fact) i heard the thing from Tom, I heard  
ex #1246   あなたは酒嫌いだと聞いた 
I heard you don't like alcohol  
ex #5072   トムが金持ちの女性と結婚したこと聞いた 
I've heard of Tom's marriage to a rich woman.  
ex #5073   後ろから私の名前が呼ばれるのを聞いた 
I heard my name called from behind.  
ex #5074   昨日になって初めて、その事故のこと聞いた 
It was until yesterday that I heard about the accident.  
ex #5075   私たちは雷鳴聞いた 
We heard the crack of thunder.  
ex #5076   私は子供たちが一緒に歌っているのを聞いた 
I heard the children singing together.  
ex #5077   私は彼がぶつぶつ独り言を言うのを聞いた 
I heard him mumble to himself.  
ex #5078   私は彼が新製品について説明するのを聞いた 
I listened to him explain a new product.  
ex #5079   私は彼が犯罪に関わったことを聞いた 
I heard of his involvement in crime.  
ex #5080   私は彼女が「いいえ」というのを聞いたことがない 
I have never heard her say 'no'.  

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    dc DC>
    Q: does this
    construct put more emphasis than just using a simple verb ending
    I guess you can't use the second form to indicate exactly -who- you heard it from...or can you?
      トムから、(あなたは)フランスに 行きたい そうです

    トムから聞いたけ(れ)ど、フランスに 行きたいそうです ね。
    Maybe it would be the same sentence in English....

    ということを聞いた would indicate what precedes that phrase is a hearsay, while そうです would indicate your view of what someone wants to do.
    your nameAs for the first example, the Japanese is not natural. I would say あなたが酒嫌い だと 聞いた。
    Or あなたが 酒が好きでない/酒嫌いである ということを 聞いた。
    dcthanks, changed. 
    gahoangdaiex #5072 I think the translation should be "I heard that Tom got marriage with a Rich woman."
    I am not for sure about this..this is just my thought.If there is Something wrong..please give me a message!

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