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〜をもって (を以て) ([〜をもって] )(womotte1)
    Meaning: at (time / moment) 期限を浮キ。〜で。
    Example: today's business will close at 7
    JLPT Level: 1
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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This is a formal expression. 
Ref # Kanzen Master Level 1 - p7 - no.11 
On the difference between womotte1 and womotte2
womotte1 is a Time phrase
meaning "at" - marks beginnings, ends, or borders between times.
It is often used as a greeting to お客 with the extended form をもちまして.
womotte2 is the method by which you do something - victory achieved via effort, announcement made via a blackboard.

Both are formal, both are NOUN + をもって
be careful.

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ex #7038   本日の営業は午後7時をもって終了いたします。 
The store will close today at seven o'clock.  
ex #7275   これをもちまして本日の披露宴をめでたくお開きとあさせていただきます。  
At this point I would like to open this auspicious wedding reception.  
ex #7797   店内改装のため、今月末をもって一時閉店することになりました。 
Due to redecoration of the store, we will be closed at the end of this month.  

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