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〜をもって (を以て) ([〜をもって] )(womotte2)
    Meaning: By means of, via, through - method by which you do / achieve something 道具や手段を表す。〜で。
    Example: Inform by letter
    JLPT Level: 1
    Author: LR

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Ref # Kanzen Master Level 1 - p71 - no.68 
On the difference between womotte1 and womotte2
womotte1 is a Time phrase
meaning "at" - marks beginnings, ends, or borders between times.
It is often used as a greeting to お客 with the extended form をもちまして.
womotte2 is the method by which you do something - victory achieved via effort, announcement made via a blackboard.

Both are formal, both are NOUN + をもって
be careful.

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ex #8029   彼は人一倍の努力をもって優勝カップを手にすることができた  
with his amazing efforts, we were able to get the champion's cup  
ex #8030   こんな難問は、優秀な彼の頭脳をもってしても解決できないだろう。  
Even with his brilliant mind, such a difficult problem cannot be resolved.  
ex #8031   をもってその仕事の大変さを知った  
I learned [from experience / firsthand] how hard the work was.  
ex #8032   彼の迫ヘをもってすれば,この問題の解決は容易であろう  
With his ability, he should be able to solve the problem easily.  

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