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〜をよそに (を余所に) ([〜をよそに] )(woyosoni)
    Meaning: Without consideration for... / Despite... / Without thinking... 〜を考えず・〜と関わりなく・〜を無視して
    Example: Without considering his parents expectations, he dropped out of university.
    JLPT Level: 1
    Category: grammar
    Author: blabby

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Noun + をよそに

Aは Bをよそに Cする。- "Despite B, A did C."
Ref # Kanzen Master Level 1 - p41 - no. 39 
Ref # A Dictionary of Advanced Japanese Grammar p531 
Indifferent to ~; contrary to ~; ignoring ~; despite
Compound particle exprsses s.o.'s indifference to warnings, criticism, advice, accusations, opposition, anxiety, wishes, eagerness, provocative actions, etc.
{NOUN / のNominalized NOUN PHRASE} + {をよそに} 

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ex #5495   彼は大学入試をよそに、毎日パソコンに興じてる。 
Despite having university entrance exams soon, he's wasting his time on the computer every day.  
ex #5496   親の心配をよそに遊んでばかりいる。 
Without considering that his parents might be worried, he always slacks off.  
ex #5497   中国人の反対の声をよそに、小泉総理は靖国神社に参拝してしまいました。 
Indifferent to the protests from China, Mr Koizumi visited Yasukuni Shrine.  
ex #7924   首相は国民の批判をよそにイラク戦争支持を楓セした。 
Ignoring the people's criticism, the prime minister declared his support for the Iraq War.  

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blabbyI think this grammar might be related to 他所/よそ/"A different place". For example "他所の人" - "Stranger".

I know this kanji is not used often, but is this relationship correct?
MikiI think so.
#5495 Looks 文字化け. 毎日???に興じてる。
blabbyThanks for pointing that out Miki. For some reason sometimes just one or two Kanji become 文字化け. Im not sure if its this site or my computer... 
dcblabby - what browser and OS are you using? it might be because your browser is not sending pages in the right encoding. sometimes multi-byte items can get chewed up. 
bamboo4よそに or 余所に means "treating as if it is somehwere unrelated."  
blabbyHi DC, I'm using Windows XP SP2 English version with microsoft IME 2002 version 8.1. I am using firefox v1.0.6. If nobody else has problems then it is probably just my computer. Its not a big problem, Ill just have to check my examples a lot.  
yookososhould the note read "Despite B, A did C"? 
blabbyWhoops, thanks yookoso. I mixed up A and B. Fixed! 
Mikiよそに and ものともせず is not equal.
よそに implys neglecting/(despite) B, A did C.
ものともせず implyes overcome obstacles and do something. in defiance of [~womonotomosezuni]

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