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やっと [やっと] (yatto)
    Meaning: finally
    Example: finally we meet
    JLPT Level: 3
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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つい tsui
you may need to be a little careful to use つい as it means that you did something without thinking too much.
But sometimes it is used in a good way to express what one says is a gut feeling.
Surely つい結婚した is not good.

結局 kekkyoku
often implies that a negative thing follows afterwards.

やっと yatto
is not always used with positive feelings.
Sometimes it is used to show an innuendo.
Like, やっと来た = you are way too late.

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ex #6195   彼はやっと試験を合格できた。 
He finally passed the exam. (after failing it in the past)  
ex #6243   数学の問題はやっと分かったか。 
Did you finally understand the mathemathical problem?  
ex #6785   じかんがかかりましたが、やっとおわりました。 
It took time, but finally it is finished.  

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  • ageku    (yatto is used for something that happened after the speaker put in a lot of effort. "Eventually I made it") [dc]
  • tsui    (yatto seems more positive) [dc]
  • youyaku    (Both yatto and youyaku indicate eventual completion of something positive; The difference is that youyaku sounds more formal and is usually written.) [Overfiend]
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赤毛I changed this entry to level 3 of JPLT because it is an adverb required for this level. 
anna.kendallso you would not say 結局、彼女が結婚しました。You'd say やっと、彼女が結婚しました。??? 

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