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より [より] (yori)
    Meaning: than, rather than
    Example: Tokyo is larger than Kyoto.
    JLPT Level: 3
    Category: grammar
    Author: Amatuka

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ex #914   私はより魚の方がいい。 
I prefer fish to meat.  
ex #1194   現実は聞いたよりももっと悲しい。 
The reality is much sadder than what I have heard.  
ex #3149   これよりほかに方法がないんだよ 
There's really no other better way than this.  
ex #4768   一般に日本人は、自分たちがかつてより暮し向きがよくなったと考えている。 
The Japanese at large consider themselves better off than they used to be.  
ex #4983   彼はわたしより速く走ることができる。 
He is able to run faster than I am.  
ex #5937   それより、バスを降りてから電話してください。 
Rather than that,please call me after you have gotten down from the bus. rather than (2004JLPT3Listening)  
ex #7442   私は彼よりサッカーがうまくできる。 
I can play soccer better than him.  

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dcedo - i think that example better fits on the hokanai page... 
LittleFishIn general it "lowers" whatever is before it. I was at first confused when I saw this by itself (Without having の方が to tell me what it exactly was worse/better than), and was hesitant about using it in conversation; I wasn't sure if I was making myself lower or someone else lower. 
Miki#1194 bamboo-san, I think 現実は聞いたことよりももっと悲しい。 would be better. 

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