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〜ようがない [〜ようがない] (youganai)
    Meaning: no way to
    Example: no way to eat the soup
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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used with the masu-stem + ようがない

食べます → 食べようがない
ます ⇒ しようがない
note that the word 用 (you) on its own means "something to do". As in
 i have to do some errands

so that leads to this confusion:

行く用がない = I have no *reason* to go there
(Lit: I have nothing to do when i get there)

行きようがない = I have no *way* to get there

1) 連絡するようがない
  no business to contact them for
2) 連絡しようがない
  no way to contact

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ex #270   スプーンがないことに気がついた。これでは食べようがない 
I realized I didnt have a spoon. So there was no way to eat it.  
ex #3034   道は通行止めだし。これではそこへ行きようがない 
The road is blocked. Such being the case, there is no way we can get there.  
ex #3410   その会社はまた赤字になった。救いようがない 
The company once again went into the red. It is beyond saving.  
ex #3411   ばかばかしいとしか言いようがない 
It is neither more nor less than absurd.  
ex #3412   何とも言いようがないなあ。  
I just don't know what to say.  
ex #3413   私はあなたにお礼の申しようがない 
I cannot thank you enough.  
ex #3414   誕生と死との間を享楽する以外には、この両者に対して回復の手の施しようがない 
There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval.  
ex #3415   彼の発言は他に解釈のしようがない 
His remarks allow of no other interpretation.  
ex #5919   質問の意味はわからなくて、答えようがなかった。 
If the meaning of the question is not understood, it can't be answered.  
ex #7102   このカメラ、ちょっと直しようがないですね。 
There is no way of fixing this camera.  
ex #8574   時間がぎりぎりで、練成しようがない 
because time is limited, there is no way to exercise.  

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AmatukaThis seems to be pretty low usage. 
AmatukaFormed by violitional form verb + ga nai

Vv = violitional form of verb
your nameex#894 行こうがない should be 行きようがない but this Japanese sentence is not natural. なんか 温泉に行けないなんて、さみしい な。 would be better but this does not fit to the entry 〜ようがない. 
bamboo4I agree that #894 is grammatically not correct and any modification would not fit into this entry. 
dc#894 deleted. 
dc1) 連絡するようがない
  no business to contact them for
2) 連絡しようがない
  no way to contact
Miki1) 連絡する用がない if you use Kanji, the sentence becomes so clear. 
bamboo4連絡する用がない does not belong to this thread which deals with ようがない, whereas 連絡しようがない does.
speedjounetsuHi, sorry but "よう" in ...ようがない is not "用" as you said but "様" as in "日本人のように..." . And another thing, I am not Japanese.

peas !!!

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