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ように言う [ようにいう] (youniiu)
    Meaning: V, To say to (do something)
    Example: My doctor told me to stop drinking.
    JLPT Level: 3
    Category: grammar
    Author: Amatuka

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ex #414   医者に控えるように言われているのでお酒が飲めなくて、ウズウズしている。 
My doctor told me to lay off the liquor so I have this uneasy impatient feeling.  
ex #416   医者は彼に酒を控えるように忠告した。 
The doctor advised him to keep away from drinking.  
ex #3893   医者なら誰でも君に禁煙するように言うだろう。 
Any doctor will tell you to quit smoking.  
ex #3894   私は図書館の職員に金曜日締め切りのレポートのためにその本が必要だと言った。そうしたら彼女は借りている人に返却を求めるように言うと言った。  
I told the librarian that I needed the book for a report due on Friday; so she said she would call it in.  
ex #3895   先生は私たちに毎日教室を掃除するように言う 
The teacher tells us to clean our classroom every day.  

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  • youni    (Various forms are based on ように (including ように言う)) [Amatuka]
  • youni-te    (duplicate?) [dc]
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AmatukaFormed by 'verb + you ni iu'

V = verb
dcis this the same as
youni-te : to tell to do something. just a slightly different tense..

するように言って : tell (someone) to do
するように言う : tell (someone) to do

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