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ようになる [ようになる] (youninaru)
    Meaning: Indicates a change which has taken place or will take place.
    Example: I came to have an interest in Japan after I went to Japan
    JLPT Level: 3
    Category: grammar
    Author: rushyne

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V(可能形)+ようになる => new ability
V(辞書形)+ようになる => new habit

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ex #5397   彼は日本に住んでいたくせに、日本語を話せる ようにならなかったよ。 
Although he lived in Japan he didn't learn (become able) to speak Japanese!  
ex #5962   子供は, 自分で部屋を片付けるようになりました。 
(My) child has reached the point where she cleans up her room herself.  
ex #5963   赤ちゃんは, もうすぐ笑うようになる。 
The baby will soon reach the point where he will smile.  
ex #6995   日本に来たから、豆腐を食べるようになりました。 
Since I came to Japan, I've gotten used to eating tofu. (I didn't use to eat tofu.)  
ex #8057   レンズさんは日本語が話せるようになった。 
Mr. Renz had reached the point where he can speak Japanese.  
ex #8058   パットは私と話さないようになった。 
Pat doesn't talk with me anymore.  

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