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故に, 故の [ゆえに, ゆえの] (yueni)
    Meaning: Due to, therefore (formal, written)
    Example: She also has many worries due to her good looks.
    JLPT Level: 1
    Author: LR

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Ref # Kanzen Master Level 1 - p24 - no.23 
Ref # A Dictionary of Advanced Japanese Grammar p745 
can be used at the beginning of a setence:
I think. Therefore I am.
The second clause cannot usually be in the past tense, unless the result (2d clause) is ongoing. So, になった is OK for the predicate because it tells of the circumstances today.  

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ex #7888   動かぬ証拠があるゆえに、有罪が確定した 
because of the rock-solid evidence, his guilt was proven  
ex #7889   彼女はその美貌の故に、悩みも多い。 
Because of her good looks, she also has many things to worry about.  
ex #7890   結果にこだわりすぎるがゆえに、小さなことに心を奪われることになる。 
Because you want the end result to be perfect, you end up being distracted by the little things,  

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    american57I have my doubts about example 7888 because it is past tense and the proving has finished. So, I think "yue ni" cannot be used here. However, if the predicate were "yuuzai hanketsu ni natta" or "yuuzai de aru" ("is a guilty verdict" or "is guilty"), it may be grammatical.

    The second clause cannot be a completed action, per Dictionary of Advanced Japanese Grammar p.747. Examples 7889 and 7890 are copied from that book verbatim and should be credited to it.

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